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Un peu moins de deux années de labeur après la sortie de leur premier Ep, Arms Of Ra dévoile ce premier album, composé avec toujours la même énergie et la même envie de recracher leurs influences, oscillant entre TarantulaHawk, DazzlingKillmen, Gaza ou même Kickback.

"Unnamed" se découpe en six titres indépendants, mais articlués autour de l'histoire de cet homme qui cherche à se déconstruire et disparaitre aux yeux de la société.

Si la musique des parisiens à perdue en lourdeur, elle a surtout gagnée en rage et incisivité. La voix y a aussi pris en importance, autant que les compositions en ampleur, illustrant ces heures passées à réfléchir et à modeler les morceaux, donnant naissance à un album plus difficile d'accès que leur premier essai, mais avec toujours une vision propre au delà des influences.

After a little less than two years since the release of their first EP and lots of hard work, Arms of Ra finally releases its first album, composed with the same energy and the same drive to mash up their influences, from Tarantula Hawk, Dazzling Killmen, to Gaza or even Kickback.

"Unnamed" contains six independents songs which are all linked by the same story of a man trying to deconstruct himself and disappear from society.
If the music from this Parisian band lost in weight, it certainly gained in rage and sharpness.

The voice has taken much more importance. The compositions got also much more depths, demonstrating the hours of reflections to mold these songs, and give birth to an album that’s more difficult to listen to than their first, while still keeping their own vision that goes beyond their influences.


released April 9, 2012

released 16 March 2012
Artworks by Adulte-Adulte.
Recorded, mixed by J.Turblin at Studio LDC.
Mastered by Blanka at Kasablanka studio.
150 copies, digisleeve cd.



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Arms of Ra Paris, France

Arms of Ra is a french sludge/postcore band. They share band members with Nekkral and LODGES.

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Track Name: Afterwards
What's your name he said
With laughter and disdain (x2)
He didn't answer immediatly
The outcome would be decided not by blood or treachery
But by conviction and pride
Like a game of hide and seek where you have to disguise your trick
Pretend you're stronger
And never show how pitiful your anger makes you look
You can't disguise who you are
Your scars are written on your sleeve
With anger and sadness, you leave
Victim of another soul burning war
It's all about pretending and never about being
Your name doesn't matter (x3)
You will laugh at one another when you both ignore everything about each other
Track Name: I have the right to erase myself
What are you trying to hide from me?
I saw a shadow move, I swear it could have been mine
All I know is it's never coming back
Paint it, shape it up and throw it my away like a distant memory (x4)
It's hard to look at people's face and recognize part of a relative
Someone I could talk to (x2)
Instead you all nod your head
You understand, yes
You understand all so well
You understand
Track Name: Personnalité décharnée
I was alone, they were two, my better half was gone
Now, I wanted you
Each time he looked somewhere else, I made sure to be there
But then you realized, once there was another
And why she left for something better.
That's how I look, I can't help it (x4)
Now, he wants to fight
He said, I shouldn't have touched her
I turn my head around, and ask him to hit me but to make no sound
I don't want hear anything
I just wanted to feel like a king (x2)
Not good enough to kick
Not good enough to hit
Good enough for what then? (x2)
Track Name: Write my name and forget it
Whose voice was it?
Did I really say that outloud?
Who was really holding the knife?
Can't remember what happened?
Just forget. Forget who you are.
The murder will get away and there will no witness
No fucking witness
The murder will get away and there will no witness
Carve it on your flesh
If it goes deep enough you won't be able to tell who it was
You won't able to tell who it was
You won't be able
To tell who it was
Can't open, don't want to open my eyes
Carve, just carve
He is carving. I am carving. We are carving. (x2)
Nobody is doing anything.
No eyes to see and no mouth to tell
Whereas there ever was or wasn't doesn't have any importance
I want to get away from this place I call myself
Track Name: To be acknowledge is to exist
Sitting in the dirt without a shirt
Without a wall to claim as mine
I've been looked at with disdain and anger
I've been ignored and mistaken for anoth
On my bare chest, people can read my message
Help me find a way to myself
I left my name
I've colored it with lies
So much I can't recognize it on my own
Don't try to forget I exist
You were my friend once
You're still my brother
You'll always be my mother
I've become meaningless
No more than a statistic
Or a movement in the corner of your eye
Look at me beg and recognize the person behind.
I've still got face, I've got a story to tell
To anybody who wants to give a damn
And forget for a second, the dirt and the shame
The dirt and the shame (x8)