Arms of Ra

by Arms of Ra



Recorded in late 2009 by Thomas Flieg


released January 5, 2010

Music by Arms of Ra/ Lyrics by Mathieu Lubrun
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Arms of Ra Paris, France

Arms of Ra is a french sludge/postcore band. They share band members with Nekkral and LODGES.

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Track Name: Taxidermie
I’ve broken my arms too many times /
Just reconstruction to feel my own recreation /
Sweet rush / Sour blood /
Pouring outside / Cleansing the wound
My own blood
Cold and white turning to red and warm
So fragile and so imperfect / Perfection made flesh
New scars / New life /
Just a couple of thoughts about who I once was
Play with your own flesh to uncover the new face you want to wear
Track Name: Pyramids
Raise the frontier / Higher / From the sky /
Higher / From the ground / From the sky /
Away from you / From the stars /
Shine / Frontier / Higher / Higher
I am a multitude of grain of sand / I will swim through space /
To find a new low / A new high / A new direction
Is hope bigger than the devil / Is Cain contrived to kill Abel /
Stars are my destination / The sins of the father shan’t be repeated
Leaving without moving /
Never sleep /
Traveling without moving /
Always dream
I will travel through my journey to find what’s on the other side
Track Name: The color of my name
The color my name
What’s beautiful are the dreams and fantasm that lives in my mind /
Always beating and breathing when everything is over /
Nothing will ever be like I want /
Nothing will ever be like I want /
But I still try to make things right /
To recreate this new light
I am an art form / I am the phoenix
I can draw in the air every word that I want /
Spit a dream in a sentence / Reproducing memes with my brain cells /
Reproducing memes with my brain cells /
Cloudy colors don’t make art /
Only flesh does /
And will testify for the creator /
The Creator / The Creator
I am an art form / I am the phoenix
But at the end of the day /
Am I just a shade of the story I self publish? /
Read it and you shall find /
Read it and you shall find
Survival machine / Survival machine /
Survival / Survival